Thursday, 6 December 2012

Jaffles On Wheels!

Jafe Jaffle's on Urbanspoon
Jafe Jaffle Combi

You know when you were a little kid, you would hear the Greensleeves song from a distance and know that the ice-cream truck was floating around somewhere in your suburb? The excitement and frantic scramble for some money that followed, “MUUUUUM THE ICE-CREAM TRUCK IS HERE… I NEED MONEYYYYY” the anticipation as it arrived near your house, you’d order pretty much the same thing each time (sprinkles on top and a flake in mine) and even though in hindsight the ice-cream was pretty crap, the fact that it came to you on wheels made it special. Well, I think we have just seen the adult equivalent of the ice-cream truck hit the streets of Sydney.

Reuben Jaffle
Food trucks are a phenomenon that has swept the States hard-core, they are their own entity over there, and now there is a fleet of trucks (10 in total that we know of) that have been injected into Sydney. My friend J-Ho alerted me to this a few days ago- whilst they all look fantastic, we are particularly enthusiastic about the Jafe Jaffle truck (big bright yellow combi van) with offerings such as the Jean Claude Van Ham jaffle, David Jafflehoff (spag bol and cheese), the Chilli Todd Carney (mild chilli con carne with sour cream on the side), or the Goldie Corn (creamed corn and cheese).

Poached chicken, basil, almond jaffle
The names alone make it worth it. But then you actually have a look at the jaffle and I have to say- they have made it kind of posh in a way. No Heinz baked beans jaffles… but instead check out the poached chicken, basil and almond Jafe Jaffle… looks incredible. Or the raisin and rice pudding jaffle… how about the The Reuben and Cornichons Jafe Jaffle or the decadent Chocolate and Hazelnut Fondant  Jaffle- all of a sudden I’ve never wanted a jaffle more than right now.

Rest assured I will be lurking... (stalking) this van until I satisfy my jaffle cravings.

Raisin rice pudding jaffle
In terms of what other food is doing the rounds (or round-a-bouts) we have Agape Organic restaurant, Cantina Mobil (mobile tacos), Let’s Do Yum Cha, Tsuru, Veggie Patch Van (for all you animal lovers!), Al Carbon (Mexican street food), Urban Pasta, Bite Size Delights… my gosh… so many trucks.
Chocolate/Hazelnut Fondant Jaffle

I know what you are thinking- yeah awesome, trucks with food, sounds great- except no-one knows where the hell they are going to be… Well my friends, there is an app- it tracks their every movement, they will tweet where they are going to be, and if it is remotely near you the pleasure will be yours. The app is called Sydney Food Trucks- if you are a fan of food in motion, download it and enjoy!

Xx Alana 

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